Who we are

Creating colorful, innovative and customizable sofas, armchairs, mattresses and furnishing accessories: an idea that in 1976 became reality with the birth of Labartino, a family workshop that over the years has become a company that always looks to tomorrow, always never abandon the craftsmanship of each production process.

Since then we have always created creations that celebrate textiles, inspire our workshops and give warmth, substance and elegance to the spaces of our customers.

Our made in Italy is authentic and tailored. All products are made in Puglia with materials selected with care and passion, commitment to quality, attention to detail and finishes. Human experience is at the heart of our projects: we want to create customized products tailored to the wishes of customers, who will be able to enjoy their materiality, the comfort and pleasure they offer.

Labartino’s design is contamination, born of wonder. Ours is design in motion. Moving towards people, moving towards us, towards the future.

Gianluca Labartino

General Manager

Nunzio Lenoci

Production Manager

Roberto Cardilli

Digital designer